Start analyzing your NGS data with the new NGS module

The Qlucore NGS module has now been available for more than a month and the user feedback is very positive. As always, Qlucore is striving to provide a fast and easy to use analysis tool with instant responses to your analysis settings. In an exciting and seamless way, you can now use the Genome browser, instant filtering, variant calling and synchronized RNA-seq analysis to quickly investigate and perform complex analysis on your NGS data!

Several uniquely interactive features are included and will make the complex and advanced analysis as simple as possible. Here are some examples:

  • Full integration for RNA-seq data, choose quantification method and analyze data with interactive PCA plots and heatmaps in parallel and in synch with the Genome Browser.
  • A fully interactive and fast Genome Browser for as many samples as you want and for as many tracks per sample as required. Visualize read coverage, quality, reads, indels, data base content and much more.
  • Instant filtering with immediate view updates for a wide range of entities. Filter on genes, read coverage, variants, chromosomes and more, in any combination you need.

The NGS module is divided into 2 phases:

  • pre-process phase
  • analysis phase

The time-consuming preprocessing is only done once and then you are ready to start the analysis, visualization and exploration of your data. Analysis can be done on your normal computer.

To learn more about the NGS module:

Want more information on accessing the NGS module? If you are already a Qlucore customer contact our sales team. If you are new to Qlucore Omics Explorer you can download a trial version that includes the NGS module.

Qlucore has turned 10 years! Keep an eye out for upcoming offers and events.

Kind regards, The Qlucore Marketing Team